Networking Ninja

The 360 Exchange is not about rules it's about RESULTS.

We meet the 1st, 2nd and 3rd week of the month. We do this because we understand our professionals need to successfully close out their month with maximum referral results.

We encourage you to visit The 360 Exchange and experience the culture firsthand. You’ll want to bring PLENTY of cards and be PROMPT. We “SCRAMBLE” immediately. Passing Referrals is the FIRST part of our meeting, you don’t want to miss it! You may visit twice before making a decision. To assist you in determining which 360 Exchange Option is best for you please contact [email protected] or call 407-620-9955.

Each group is comprised of no more than 16-20 professionals. This allows for our "Little Black Book" referral mentality. Our members can then pass faciliated referral intdocutions and creat strong relationships. Our proven method affords for building strong relationships; QUICKLY.

We don't take attendance or ask you to make up missed meetings or send substitiutes; we do ask that our members attend 75% of all metings to fully benefit thier business and gain necassary exposure.

You know you're working with the best in the business!

Each member is sponsored into an Exchange by another member. We want to do business with professionals that have an excellent reputation and are recommended by other members. In addition all applicants are interviewed by a facilitator. We want to be sure to answer all your questions and make sure the commitment benefits your business.

Our members are professionals invested in constantly growing their network, their business, and THEMSELVES.

We have a recommended book of the month that we discuss in our meetings together to aide in our own personal and professional growth.